Stylin: Jack’s Wife Freda

Part of the fun of enjoying a meal is dressing for it. The right outfit sets the mood. I think the food just tastes better when I’m dressed appropriately for the occation. My ensemble for a night out with the girls is very different from the one I would wear to a Sunday boozy brunch. Here, I’ll show you how I style myself for all sorts of different meals.

Brunch in the summertime can be tricky.  If youre going someplace fun and trendy, you’ll probably end up waiting outside in the sweltering July sun for 40+ minutes before your table is ready.  You’ll want to wear barely more than a bathing suit, but, of course, all the girls you’re standing next to will be dressed in their $1,200 version of casual.  They likely spent a lot of money trying to look like they just rolled out of bed and those perfectly ripped denim shorts and Chanel bag just happened to be the closest items to their fingertips.  You need to blend in with all that fabulousness, while also managing the heat in which you’ll be suffering.

When Lindsay and I decided to meet at Jack’s Wife Freda on Saturday, I knew I’d be surrounded by beautiful SoHo people during our long, hot wait for a table.  Step one was knowing I would order an ice coffee immediately.  Step 2 was picking out a lightweight whisper thin dress.  This one from Target has that mullet cut (short in the front, long in the back), which means 1) it won’t weigh you down like a full maxi and 2) it looks great as it catches the breeze and flows behind you when you walk.  I completed the outfit with last year’s black sandals from Target, fun round sunglasses from Forever 21, oversize quilted clutch (old, no product info), and a sun-blocking fedora from H&M.  Total outfit cost: $55 (not including clutch).

stylin - jack's wife freda2 stylin - jack's wife freda1 stylin - jack's wife freda3