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Creamy Pesto Pasta with Langoustine and Tomatoes

After a busy weekend with a lot of time spent in the sun (I have a very attractive sunglass burn, thank you very much), Sunday evening needed to be spent at home with a relaxing meal and the AC on blast.  My beau is on the fence about pesto, but he likes rich pastas like alfredo so a recipe that combines the two is just what it takes to turn him into a pesto fan.  This recipe is basically what happens when pesto and alfredo make sweet love and have a sauce baby.

I followed the recipe almost exactly, just switching shrimp for langoustine because I had it on hand.  If you’re serving this as the main course, go heavy on the shrimp/langoustine.  Also, you don’t need as much parm as the recipe calls for – it’s already nice and creamy.  Since the sauce utilizes creme fraiche, you don’t have to take the extra steps of combining cream with cheese and letting it set.  This takes the thought out of the whole process. Most stores carry creme fraiche now, but if you can’t find it, the recipe offers a nice substitute.  BUT the substitute requires more ingredients and the forethought of combining cream and buttermilk and then letting it set for hours…no longer the 30 minute meal that was promised.  My substitute recommendation would probably be cream cheese.  Ahhh now we’re back into 30 minute territory.  What would you do without me?

creamy pesto pasta

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