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Spot Dessert Bar

Albert and I have begun going to The Bao regularly now that we’ve discovered the perfect order, but we tend to fill up and don’t take advantage of the [non-related] cafe located just below it.  Spot Dessert Bar is an all-dessert paradise that serves up sweets with an Asian twist.  You’ve probably seen chocolate lava cake on every blah restaurant menu for the last 15 years (anybody else love that scene from the movie “Chef” where Jon Favreau goes on a ballistic molton lava cake meltdown?!).  Here, too, there’s a lava cake, but this one has been infused with green tea.  Other desserts feature fun ingredients like yuzu, basil seeds, and raspberry caviar.

Since Albert was full from lunch and not a dessert person anyway, I knew I would be on my own.  I went with the popular golden toast, which is a crispy toast with lots of butter and honey, served alongside condensed milk ice cream and crumbs of some sort.  It was a nice balance of savory and sweet.  With all the unique items to choose from, I recommend going tapas style and sharing around, but beware – though they call it tapas, these are definitely full size desserts.  The desserts here are fun and a great way to end a meal on St. Mark’s – you won’t be witnessing any movie-level meltdowns here.

spot1 spot2

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