3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

I lurve summer right now.  I am planning to work from home again tomorrow, which gives me the opportunity to catch some rays, putter around the neighborhood, and get some reading done in between reviewing emails.

3 on thurs1

I am sad to see the Vince Camuto store by my apartment go out of business, but it meant I got BOTH pairs of shoes above for a total of $42.  They’re such fun summer flats!

3 on thurs3

Veselka is one of my favorite restaurants all year round.  On one hand, I love going in the winter because the hearty comfort food is so nice when it’s cold out.  On the other hand, I pretty much wait all year til they start selling their summer special cold cucumber soup.  Albert and I planned a dinner + movie date night last Wednesday and I spent three straight days anticipating this soup.  It was as good as I remembered.

3 on thurs2

Matt and Karina had a fun, co-ed baby shower 2 weeks ago.  Everyone is so excited for Baby G to make his grand entrance.  I must say, I really liked the more laid back (booze-centric) co-ed style shower.

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