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Toast with Prosciutto, Creamy Goat Cheese, and Honey

There is such a thing as the American Cheese Society (ACS).  I don’t know exactly what that entails, but I know it is made for me.  Because I am a cheese-o-phile, I get regular emails from cheese mecca, Murray’s.  Yesterdy, they sent an email announcing the ACS 2015 award winners.  I was happy to see a cheese from Georgia, Condor’s Ruin, made the final cut.  I decided to make a stop at Murray’s Grand Central to pick some up on my way home to celebrate my home state’s cheesy triumph.

Condor’s Ruin is pretty to look at, thanks to it’s ash-lined pyramid shape.  It’s made way down yonder by the Chattahoochee with a texture similar to goat but made from sheep’s milk.  It’s only made during the milking season which means 1) there’s such thing as a milking season (?) and 2) I needed to get while the gettin’s good.

I ran into a problem when the cheese was not in stock.  Instead, I picked up Valencay, the French cheese Condor’s Ruin is modeled after.  I was bummed when I couldn’t get what I came for, but my frown turned upside down when I realized Valencay was on sale.  Yippee!  It reminded me of on of my alltime faves, Humboldt Fog, only creeeeeamier.  And now, to celebrate a perfect cheese like this with a snack:

Toast off some ciabatta bread, top with prosciutto, then that cheese, and finally drizzle with honey.  Pungeant, salty, sweet, and then that crunch of the bread.  This is everything.

image image

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