Zabb Elee

Leave it to us to go to Queens for a restaurant that’s right in our Manhattan backyard.  Zabb Elee might be just a random East Village Thai spot, but it’s one that people became obsessed with.  Not obsessed in the long line inducing way, but obsessed enough that they just opened a second location in the Woodside/Elmhurst area of Queens.  True, we should have gone to the original, Manhattan location, but Matt and Karina were eager to check out their new neighborhood spot and Albert and I were eager to get out of the city.  Plus, I wanted one last look at their apartment before Baby G arrives.

First of all, let’s talk about the price.  We ordered 6 drinks and our total bill for 4 people came to $104.  Alright alright alright.  We were warned the food can get very spicy so we orderd everything mild, partly because my beau doesn’t like things too hot, but also because we didn’t want to induce labor for Karina.  We started with two specials for the evening: drunken noodles and clams.  The sauce on the clams was gahfljaldkfj;lkfuyao.  I needed them to put extra in a tupperware for me so I could put it on everything I cook from now on.  Sadly, that’s not something they do, so I am just left with my memories.  After that, we ordered Chinese broccoli because the waiter recommended it as “good for baby.”  It was also good for Tessy.  I’m usually not a huge fan of Chinese broc since the stems can be too fat and bitter for me, but this was crisp and delicious, definitely the best I’ve ever had.  Albert really wanted some fried rice and who’s gonna be like “nah that sounds bad” so we also ordered that.  We had them add pork to the seafood fried rice so we could have all sorts of goodness in one place.  The vinegar sauce they brought out really made the fried rice extra special.  We decided we needed just one more item so Matt ordered crispy pork (not pictured).  It was a great new Thai dish for me to add to the list.

Before, I was totally content with the Thai place around the corner from my apartment.  But now I know that it can be so much better.  Zabb Elee may actually get me out of Seamless and off my booty for pick up instead of delivery.

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