Butcher Bar

The only thing that made my meal at Butcher Bar brunchy was the endless mimosas I drank.  Sure, there are some good bbq + eggs dishes on the menu, but when you’re eating at 2 PM, it’s time to admit that you’ve given up on the breakfast wagon.  2 PM is not too late, however, to drink mimosas.

30th Avenue in Astoria is a great strip of bars and restaurants.  This is the kind of street that makes you realize you don’t need to live in Manhattan (though I still love my own borough, duh).  Since we were meeting Jenn and Smitty at their new Astoria pad and knew there was lots of good grub in the area, we decided to eat near them instead of in our own neighborhood.

Bottom line: the meat itself was pretty good though the sides were just meh.  I ordered the Philly cheese brisket sandwich, which is basically a bbq brisket sandwich with cheese sauce and caramelized onion so, yea, I was happy.  Albert got meat à la carte and some sides.  He enjoyed the meat, but like I said, the sides were just ok so they didn’t get finished.  Ok ok so the sides are nothing to write home about but meat and cocktails is enough to keep the restaurant on my list of acceptable spots.

butcher bar1 butcher bar3