My Labor Day Weekend Checklist

I am very lucky to have a nice long weekend ahead of me.  We usually get both Friday and Monday off for Labor Day, but this year we also get Thursday off.  My beau and I considered going away, but since he doesn’t get quite so much time off and neither of us wants to miss the first football game, we have decided to stay in town.  That means I’m in for a lil staycation.  I want to make the most of it so here’s my to-do list.

  1. UGA Football.  I am so happy it’s back!  This takes care of all of Saturday and leaves 4 days for other fun activities.
  2. Try a new, summer-y recipe.  I’m thinking some sort of fruit crisp.
  3. Go to a beach or pool.  This is the only item on the list that maaaay not happen.  We shall see…
  4. Finish the Delirium series.  Yes, it’s YA fiction – that’s what makes it perfect for vacation reading.  And then read some more.  I want to do lots of reading.
  5. Take one last trip to Arthur Avenue, probably on Sunday.  I’ve got my eye on some stuffed pork chops, fresh pasta, and mozz.  Salivating already.
  6. Take advantage of the fact that everyone escapes the city and go to a restaurant that’s usually tough to get into (since the good ones never take rezzies, natch).  As of now, I’m thinking it’ll be Russ and Daughters Café.

labor day checklist2

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