3 on Thursday

Today begins my extra long Labor Day weekend!  I hate that this is the last official weekend the summer, but I hope everyone has some fun plans to send it off well.  This week’s “3 on Thursday” is all about one of my favorite summer pasttimes: picnicking in Central Park.

3 on thurs1

On Friday, we went to the Central Park Film Festival.  This is our third year going and Albert always says that three years of doing something makes it a tradition so I guess it’s official!  We had a great picnic spread and the same crew we’ve been watching with for the last few years.  The Central Park Film Fest is a bit different than the city’s other outdoor screenings.  Instead of showing one movie each week for a couple months, they screen one each day for a week and all movies fall into some sort of theme.  This year’s theme was movies made in 1980 since it was the 35th anniversary of the Festival.  We watched Raging Bull – everyone loved seeing a classic!

3 on thurs2

We have a nice little crew that congregates a few times each summer to enjoy Eunday in Central Park.  We’ve established a picturesque spot just above the boat pond as our own and spend the day chatting, snacking, and drinking ponche (a delicious and deadly Himmel concoction).  This past Sunday we stayed til it was dark and the park rangers kicked us out.  The day felt very end-of-summer, like we were trying to soak up the last bits of the season, which, of course, we were.

3 on thurs3

This wine is one of the best things about summer.  Sure, it’s a $25 bottle which is a bit more than I usually spend when it’s not a gift or real occasion…but it’s just so pretty!  I think I’m going to save the bottle and do something with it.  The best part is that it’s a screw top so it’s easy to bring along on any of your summertime adventures like a park picnic or rooftop hang.