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Book Review: The Vacationers

The only thing perfect about the Post family vacation is the location.  They are all set to spend two weeks is picturesque Mallorca.  They have a mansion to themselves in the countryside and not a care in the world since husband Jim is embarking on early retirement and daughter Sylvia is heading off to college.  But from the moment they board the plane, the tension is clear.  Jim may not have chosen to retire so early, Sylvia sees college as an escape from something, wife Franny is cooking to avoid her issues, and son Bobby is Peter Pan-ning it hardcore with an ill-fitted girlfriend.

This beautiful trip seems to be wasted on the Posts.  However, if anything is going to bring them back together, the time in Mallorca is their only hope.  It is time for the Posts to see if blood really is thicker than water.


4 out of 5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Vacationers

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