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What’s Cookin?

Spring has sprung

what's cookin - april1

My favorite neighborhood spot


  • Restaurants
  • Cooking
    • I would love to set up a nacho bar – what a fun idea for a party!
    • I love this shrimp meal that’s cooked inside foil packets.  It can be prepped in advance, takes no time to cook, and is super healthy.  Served with a salad and maybe some rice and beans on the side and I can see myself making this meal on a weeknight in the very near future.
what's cookin - april3

A plant store I always pass on the way to my haircut had seashells on display.  Maybe they always have them, but it’s the first time I’ve noticed them and as a native of a coastal town, it made me happy.

Food for Thought

what's cookin - april2

Bits & Bites

  • I always love reading the weekly Grub Street Diet, but there was just something about this recent one featuring Tony Danza.  I find him adorable and would marry him in a heartbeat.  I checked: his divorce was finalized in 2013.
  • I love the idea of problem solving like a toddler.  It may be annoying that little kids ask “why?” ad nauseam, but there’s something to it.
what's cookin - april4

Looking up before heading into the gym on a lovely spring day

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