Stylin: Russ & Daughters Café

Part of the fun of enjoying a meal is dressing for it. The right outfit sets the mood. I think the food just tastes better when I’m dressed appropriately for the occation. My ensemble for a night out with the girls is very different from the one I would wear to a Sunday boozy brunch. Here, I’ll show you how I style myself for all sorts of different meals.

White seemed too obvious for Labor Day weekend, but light, ripped jeans felt appropriate for brunch at the end of summer.  They’re casual – like, hey I’m carefree over here – but when jazzed up, can still be perfect for a trendy place.  Russ & Daughters Café is trendy because it’s popular, not because it’s fancy.  It has diner booths for cryin out loud – you would look out of place if you were dressed up.

The jeans are Old Navy’s skinny Rockstar jean that I managed to somehow get for $8 thanks to sale on sale on sale.  I recognize their jeans don’t all fit the same and these are the only ones I’ve actually found that work (thus far), but it’s worth trying on a bunch if you can walk away with a pair that fits you this well and are basically free.  I think anything off the shoulder immediately snazzes things up and this one from Zara has the added benefit of still having a tank-top type sleeve, which means I don’t have to wear a strapless bra (always a consideration) and my shoulders don’t look too broad.  The shoes came from a Vince Camuto crazy sale because they were closing the store by my apartment and basically giving everything away.  They might just be slip on sandals, but the punchy color, hint of snakeskin, and studs make any outfit way more fun.  The necklace was a souvenir from my trip to Santa Monica.  It came from a boutique that I can’t remember the name of.  Tassels are big this season and I highly recommend incorporating them into your wardrobe.  The clutch is from a now out of business Savannah boutique.  Total outfit: $110.  That’s not including the sunnies.  Those are Dolce and Gabbana and have actual gold leaf in them so they were $450…but they were a gift.  They make this outfit drastically more expensive but they’re not necessary to complete the look.

stylin - russ1 stylin - russ2 stylin - russ3

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