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When it comes to trendy restaurants, I’ve grown accustomed to tiny portions.  That is particularly so when it comes to trendy tacos.  Not so at Seamore’s.  Their fish tacos ain’t so teeny.  Praise the seafood gods, which in this case, are the same as the meatball deities.  At Seamore’s, Michael Chernow easily transitions from land to sea with a beachy fish shack in the heart of Little Italy.

Saturday was the first true Fall night, the first time I reached for jeans instead of a dress while I was getting ready.  With dropping temperatures, it felt a little strange to walk into the beachy restaurant, but then you realize fish tacos are delicious all.  year.  long.  Seamore’s is all about sourcing locally so you won’t see salmon or Chilean sea bass on the menu, but because the fish is all found in the nearby waters, it is super fresh.

Because the portions are large, I recommend sharing.  The tacos, which come two per order, are large enough that you can eat half of one and feel satisfied you got to really try it.  We tried the crispy fish (with chipotle aioli), spicy squid (paired with sweet and tart apple), and seared fish tacos.  All were great.  Based on how prevalent they were on Instagram, I figured the crispy fish would be my favorite, but the seared fish with its black bean sauce, avocado, and crema was the winner here.  The blackened fish sandwich was a huge burger style concoction with avocado, thick-sliced firm tomato, and citrus aioli on a great bun.  Perhaps my favorite item?  I’ll have to try everything again to be sure.  Research, people, research.  Another thing I’d like to go back for is the Reel Deal.  Come on, who doesn’t love puns on a menu?  With this special, you choose your fish from their daily catch board and one of five sauces.  It’s served over greens with each of their three daily sides.  We ordered one of the sides for the table (cauliflower with capers and pearl onions) and it was good so I would imagine the whole shebang would be quite enjoyable.  Whatever you get, wash it all down with one of their agua frescas, which can be mixed with alcohol for a refreshing cocktail.  We got the watermelon with vodka and the cucumber mint with tequila.  Like the restaurant itself, these drinks felt pretty summery, but I’m happy to forget the cool weather is closing in on us.  For those with a sweet tooth, they serve up a daily special from Oddfellows – possibly my favorite ice cream shop.

Since I liked that cute lil menu pun, I’ll leave you with just one more lame line: I’d like to see more Seamore’s.  Yes, I went there.

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