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Oaxaca Taqueria

With 11 locations in New York City, I think Oaxaca Taqueria is now considered a chain.  But don’t put it in the same category as Taco Bell just yet.  First of all, it is still a very local enterprise.  The shops are small with fun, mismatched wallpaper and all the food is made fresh daily.  Wherever possible, they source their food from local vendors.  Except for the Jarritos, because those fizzy drinks come straight from Mexico (pronounced “meh-hee-co”).  Another thing you won’t find at a regular chain: BYOB.  Heyo!

The tacos are packed with meat so they are deceptively filling.  I took to eating the taco with only one of the two tortillas they wrapped it with, using the second for meat spillover.  We tried the al pastor, chorizo, carnitas, and special chicken mole varieties.  All were great, but if I had to choose, I would probably favor the chicken mole or the carnitas.  I also really liked the chicken enchilada, which came with tons of sloppy sour cream and guac.

oaxaca taqueria1 oaxaca taqueria2 oaxaca taqueria3

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