3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

This past weekend truly felt like fall and I enjoyed breaking out the boots.  I didn’t do anything too crazy but kept myself just busy enough that by Sunday I just wanted to hang out on the couch.  Trying to squeeze in a few workouts and errands this week before heading to our 9th and final wedding of the year this weekend.

3 on thurs1

My beau just got a new job so I felt like a celebration was necessary.  We planned a pretty amazing and packed date night on Friday.  We started by checking out the new UrbanSpace Vanderbilt and then went to see Full House the Musical.  Yes, you read that right.  Much like its predecessor, Saved By The Bell the Musical (which we also saw), this is a raunchy take on the 90s show we all love.  Not as good as Saved by the Bell, but still a fun experience.  After the show we went to Holiday Cocktail Lounge across the street and finished the evening with a nightcap at Ted’s (where this photo was taken), our favorite local bar.

3 on thurs2

One of my smartest moves was bringing back face tats from my trip to Athens.  The new kind are basically strong stickers and are so much easier to remove than the old ones you stick on with water.  Unfortunately, they did not help us win.  Our loss to Tennessee over the weekend was depressing.

3 on thurs3

Yay!  Sarah is in town!  Of course, she’s busy running around seeing her many friends and now doing actual work, but I’m glad I got to see her for a couple hours on Saturday night.

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