The Writing Room

It is hard to live up to the legend that was Elaines, the restaurant for New York’s literary elite.  The Writing Room doesn’t try to replicate the vibe of the space’s former occupant, but it does tip it’s hat to the many writers who graced the bar stools before them.  The walls of the back room are covered with packed bookshelves and antique typewriters sit atop the mantle.  It’s like eating in the personal library of a cultured family friend.  The front of the restaurant features more light with black and white floors and subway tile.

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The service…not fab.  Our waiter was gone for long stretches of time, even when we were the only table in the study area of the restaurant and clearly still ordering.  We also ordered coffees at the bar and when they failed to arrive before we were seated, we were told they would be transferred to our table but never made it there.  The food itself, however, was delicious.  The contemporary American menu features a steakhouse house cheeseburger with bacon jam and special sauce.  It comes with a mix of fries and onion rings – big points for the o-rings.  For brunch, they also serve cured salmon with everything bread and herbed whipped cream cheese.  I am not a fan of lox and cream cheese but this was almost like mousse – if you’re into smoked salmon, this is a great adaptation of the classic NYC bagels and lox.  I ordered the farmhouse salad with fried chicken.  Though it seemed like a more boring menu item, it had a huge helping of fried chicken and had tons of fun toppings.  It was also chopped and dressed perfectly, something that is surprisingly not easy to do.

There’s no bottomless at this brunch, but your entree does come with a cocktail.  Also, they have a $29 bottle of prosecco deal that’s definitely more cost efficient than some of the other brunches around town.  Definitely go with the pear puree – it’ll make your mimosa even better.

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