Reading List: Girls’ Trip

Whether it’s a trip or a staycation, sometimes you want to hole up with a stack of books.  Here, I’ll provide themed lists so you can stock up and get to reading!

reading list - girls trip

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, sometimes you just want to go away with the gals.  It’s a completely different experience and one that’s filled with giggles.  I’m not really into Chick Lit, but for this type of trip I think the reads should be fun and fancy free.  The books on this list are not quite Chick Lit, but they’re on the lighter side.

For the girl who secretly loves One Direction:

Delirium – This one is for the Hunger Games/Selection lovers out there.  This trilogy is set in the future when love is considered a dangerous disease that must be cured.  The government requires all 18-year-olds to undergo a procedure to keep them from feeling the emotion.  Of course, just before her surgery, Lena meets someone who complicates things a bit.

For the girl likes to mix patterns in her wardrobe:

Where’d You Go Bernadette – You may remember my previous review of this book, but I wanted to bring it up again because it’s just such a fun read.  It’s a lighthearted mystery and is exactly what I want to read when I’m sitting in a lounge chair by the pool.

For the girl who binges reality tv:

Andy Cohen Diaries – I don’t know about you, but a favorite pasttime is watching Bravo with my girlfriends.  Since you’ll be traveling, you won’t have time to watch any of the Housewives, but you’ll get your gossip fill from Andy Cohen’s latest memoir, written in diary form.  If I’m being totally honest, I didn’t like this one as much as Cohen’s other book, “Most Talkative,” but it’s good for the Bravo/gossip junkies out there and requires very little concentration.

For the girl who likes to listen to Adele when going through a breakup:

If I Stay – This is the most serious book on the list, but it made the cut because it’s YA, so it’s kind of a wash.  If you’re ever going to read YA, a girls’ trip is the time to do it.  This book was popular enough to be turned into a movie so I figured it was probably good enough to read, even by a 30 year old.

For the girl who daydreams about marrying a celebrity:

The Royal We – I said I wasn’t into Chick Lit, but I do love the royal fam so I was willing to give this a try.  I guess I got swept up by the Kate and Will royal baby situation going on.  It’s basically fan fiction and you can’t help but get hooked on the familiar tale of our favorite Brits.

For the girl who woke woke up with a pizza crusts next to her bed after a night out:

My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me – This chick is funny.  It’s basically a book of sex stories à la Chelsea Handler, but she seems to have found a moral at the end of [most of] her sexcapades.