3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

This week brought the major life change of a new job.  It has been scary but exciting.  There is so much to learn, but I am up for the challenge.  I can’t wait until it’s all second nature.  With such a major change in my life, I need to take the weekend to get my head straight.  Albert is away so it is the perfect opportunity to carve out time to laugh with girlfriends and time to relax – that’s how I’ll keep myself sane!

3 on thurs1

Last weekend, a friend hosted a fabulous Roaring 20s themed 30th birthday party.  She rented out the back room of a bar that used to be a bank vault and went all out.  All the guests really got into the theme – and I’m not talking cheesy costumes!  I saw a James Bond style gent in a white dinner jacket, some fabulous hats, and intricately beaded dresses that must have cost a fortune.  The decorations were perfect, the dj was spinning the hits, and we were being generously served from the open bar.  This is how birthday parties should be done!  It was a great way to dress up and spend Halloween while feeling a little more adult about it.  I love this picture of Albert because he’s wearing a bowtie (my fave!) and because I get to see what he would look like if he grew a ‘stache like Jerome.

3 on thurs2

It’s official: I work at Time Inc. – and I’ve got the building pass to prove it!  Thankfully this pic is better than the one on my driver’s licence.

3 on thurs3

I was surprised and excited to learn I had my very own office.  This is my view from the 25th floor.  Sadly, we move to a new building in FiDi in less than three weeks.  It looks like the building itself is going to be really cool, but we’re moving to an open floor plan, so no more office for moi.

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