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3 on Thursday

I decided to have Wine Wednesday last night and now I’ve got Headache Thursday.  But in less than a week I’ll be home so nothing can bring me down!

3 on thurs1

I discovered this spiced labneh at Murray’s and love it as a dip for veggies. 

3 on thurs2

Over the weekend, Albert and I attended one of the New York Comedy Festival shows.  NYCF is one of those events I never realize is happening until tickets are already sold out or way too expensive.  This time, we saw an ad early enough to get $50 tickets to see Judd Apatow and Friends.  We didn’t know who the friends would be, but they ended up being Mike Berbiglia and Adam Sandler – talk about talent!  Each set was entirely different.  Berbiglia took cues from the audience, Adam Sandler put all of his standup to song (including a new version of the Chanukah song and a moving tribute to Chris Farley), and Apatow’s standup proves he should perhaps take himself out from behind the camera more often.  In addition to seeing some amazing acts, I got to be in Carnegie Hall for the first time.  Cross that off the bucket list!

3 on thurs3

On Tuesday I went to see The Gin Game with Lindsay.  It’s one of those plays where there’s not really any action – it’s mostly just a vehicle for the actors to show off their talents.  When those actors are James Earl Jones and Cisely Tyson, that’s a very good thing.  They were incredible.  James Earl Jones is about to turn 85 and Cisely Tyson is just one month shy of her 91st birthday and they’ve still got it.  Though the play itself was ok (I was not a fan of the ending), I loved being so close to two people who are nothing short of legends.

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