Flying Monk

Flying Monk (not The Flying Monkey, as I have been referring to it for the last year) is packed every time I pass by while strolling Broughton Street when I’m home.  Ramen is the hot thing in NYC, but this restaurant serves noodle soups from all across Asia.  Perhaps that makes it less authentic; it does not, however, make it less delicious.

I ordered the pho combo because why would I order something with one meat when I could have three.  The beef broth is filled with tons of noodles (I swear they were reproducing on their own) and brisket, meatballs, and tendons.  The tendons were a little too tough for me, but the rest was right up my alley, especially the generous helping of crunchy bean sprouts.  Several of my fellow diners ordered the crispy succulent pig plate and sounded quite happy with their decision.  Lots of fresh herbs made the dishes nice and aromatic.  Downtown Savannah gets reeeeal quiet on Sunday evenings, but now I understand why this restaurant was still busy.

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