Gratitude 2015

Last year I made a Gratitude List, where I took a moment to think of all the things I’m thankful for because, let’s face it, life is pretty good.  And I mean that.  Even when my life feels stinky, I still have so much amazing going on in there.  So here’s this year’s list of reasons to be grateful:

  • I have a new nephew on the way and I can’t wait to meet him.  I am also looking forward to carving out ways to forge a special bond with Brooks.  He is my godson, after all, and I don’t want him getting lost in the new baby shuffle.


  • I don’t have student loans.  I am fortunate that Georgia has the Hope Scholarship and I was able to go to school for FREE.  I would have a more paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle if I had student loans and certainly would not have been able to purchase a home at the age of 27.
  • I have gotten really good at painting my own fingernails.  It saves me a lot of money and I can do it in my bathrobe.
  • I landed a great new job.  Sure, the learning curve stresses me out a bit, but it’s exciting to learn and do something new that I am passionate about.


  • I was invited to nine weddings this year and am anticipating about four for 2016.  It’s nice to realize I have created so many close friendships that these people want me there on the biggest day of their life.  And I am thrilled I get the chance to celebrate with them.
  • I had a ton of unused vacation days when I left my job that I get paid out for.  It basically amounted to an entire extra paycheck.  It feels like free money and I love being able to do anything with it!  I’m not the type to just blow it all (I am a saver by nature), but I am toying with the idea of saving half and spending half.  It’s like playing that game “what would you do if you won the lottery.”  Half is still plenty to work with.  Should I buy a designer bag?  Some Louboutins? A fun vacation?  Dinner at Per Se?
  • Unlike at my old job, my current office is open during the week between Christmas and New Years.  I was bummed not to be able to attend my family’s annual ski trip, but I am lucky that I have a wonderful beau with whom I can spend the entire holiday season.  It’s the first time we’ve been together for all of the holidays, and I am looking forward to establishing our own Christmukkah traditions.


  • I was sick for a few days this year and it was miserable…but it was also the first time I’ve been sick in about two years, which ain’t such a bad record.  Cheers to good health!
  • I am so happy Vitamin Water Zero exists and even happier when it’s on sale.  This brand is totally responsible for my increase in water consumption…assuming it still counts as drinking water?