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Seasonal Tastes: December – Pasta with Pumpkin Sauce

I know pumpkin is an October/November item, but since we’ve been experiencing a warmer Fall/Winter than usual here in NYC, I’m allowing that ingredient to slide into December – it still feels apropos.  Did I use that word correctly?

I started with this recipe, but it was pretty much just an inspiration that I ran with.  I added mushrooms when I started sauteing the garlic because I like the texture it added to the dish.  And I just like mushrooms.  You could add mushrooms to every recipe on this blog and not once would I go “um don’t you think that’s overkill?”  I also switched out the coconut milk for almond milk because I felt like the flavor was more winter-esque.  Plus, I knew I would get more use out of the leftovers (goes in coffee, pour it over granola for breakfast…)  And finally I topped it with a bit of crumbled goat cheese because hellooooo why not.  It was already a creamy and delicious dish, but the goat cheese makes it creamier and deliciouser.

Note: this sauce tightens up real fast as soon as it cools.  I sauced all my pasta at once and I’m not sure how my leftovers will reheat (too thick).  I would recommend not saucing it all at once and saving extra sauce in a separate container.  Warm the pasta and sauce separately when it’s time to eat round 2 later in the week.  You could also toss in some additional almond milk when you reheat to breathe some life back in.

pumpkin alfredo

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