3 on Thursday

Life is getting back to normal after my long Thanksgiving weekend.  Now it’s all about the Holidays.  I’m enjoying gathering presents, putting up decorations, and going to festive parties.  My weekdays have been relatively calm, but the weekends have been packed with holiday cheer.

3 on thurs1

My mom snapped this shot of Albert playing with Brooks at the Children’s Park.  I love how intently Brooks is looking at Albert’s instruction.

3 on thurs2

A shot of some of the apps from our 3rd annual Thanksgiving Weekend Wine Night.  This has become one of my favorite traditions.  8-10 of us just get together to drink and chill.  We always seem to discover a new wine or cheese to become obsessed with.  It’s the best way to extend the Thanksgiving weekend beyond the big Thursday meal.  Not pictured: ricotta honey crostini, chile shrimp and avocado, and fresh smoked salmon.  

3 on thurs3.JPG

Fishs Eddy decided to cram all their windows (this is just one corner) with different signs for the holidays.  Some are funny, others have a lot of NYC heart.  It fits their personality so well and I got a kick out of reading all of them.