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3 on Thursday

My parents arrive tonight for the weekend – joy upon joy!  Because we’re usually traveling around this time, this is actually the first time they have ever been to NYC around the holidays.  There’s a different spirit around the city this time of year, and we want to take advantage of all the seasonal activities.  We will definitely be crossing several items off my Recommendations: The Christmas Tourist list.

 3 on thurs1

One house in my neighborhood decorates their brownstone for each season.  Usually, their winter scene is the same each year, but this season was all new.  I love the vignette they’ve created.

3 on thurs2

I loved this white wine Matt and Jen randomly picked off the wine list when we were at Gato last Friday.  I  made Albert take a picture so we could try and find it at our local wine/liquor shop.

3 on thurs3.JPG

This year is my first with a real tree.  I think every Jew secretly wants a tree but most, like me, never get them because, well, we’re Jewish.  That’s tough when there are few Jewish families in your hometown and you’re surrounded by Xmas trees and cheer!  My family, however, has felt that there’s a fine line between assimilation and forgetting your own heritage so I was fine to stick to my menorah unless I had a real reason for a tree, like someone in the household who actually celebrates Christmas.  Well, that time has arrived since my Catholic beau and I co-habitate.  Not to diss my own religion, but Christmas trees are pretty great – they smell AMAZING!  That said, we are truly a dual religion household, one that looks to combine our traditions into one super tradition.  Neither religion is left behind here.  I got excited to pick out ornaments that represent us as a couple, and Albert is the one reminding me to light the menorah each night – he’s even trying to learn the prayers so he can sing along.  This year, I made a killer Christmukkah playlist that we listened to while we decorated the tree, lit the menorah, and drank seasonal beverages.  Every household is different, but I think we do the holidays right in ours.

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