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Shrimp Tacos with Avocado Crema Slaw

When I started Taco Tuesday, the goal was just to have tacos every week.  Now that I’ve pretty much settled into that groove, I’ve decided to one-up myself by trying new taco recipes whenever possible.  This one was all built around the slaaaaw.

I knew I wanted some sort of slaw on these tacos, and slaw goes best with seafood tacos.  I didn’t want to take the time to make fish, so shrimp landed in the protein hot seat.  I filled a large ziplock back with olive oil, lime juice, cayenne, chile powder, paprika, oregano, and garlic powder and dumped the shrimp in to get juicy.  While they sat, soaking up the flavor and color of that sauce, I made the crema.

Now, some people would make this dish as the protein, then a slaw, and then a crema to drizzle on top like a sauce.  I cut out the middle man and just mixed the crema with the slaw.  For the crema, blend avocado, reduced fat sour cream (or full fat if you’re feelin crazy), some hot sauce, lime juice, and salt.  Toss that with cabbage (or super easy ready-made slaw mix, like I did) and fresh cilantro.  Super easy.  Once the slaw was ready, I poured the shrimp in a pan, marinade and all, and quickly cooked it up (shrimp take about 3 minutes).

I served the whole thing on white corn tortillas, and I’m pretty sure the whole meal took less time to prepare than if I had used one of those taco kits.  The crema went really well with the slaw, but I could also see it on its own as a perfect topping for brisket tacos.  Something to think about for a future Taco Tuesday hmmmm.

shrimp tacos2

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