Reading List: Xmas Vacation

Whether it’s a trip or a staycation, sometimes you want to hole up with a stack of books.  Here, I’ll provide themed lists so you can stock up and get to reading!

Even if you have to work during the week between Christmas and New Years, I’m guessing it’s pretty slow.  That means there’s plenty of time for reading, ideally under a cozy blanket, next to a fire.

reading list - xmas break

For the person who likes to sip cider…the spiked kind:

“Why Not Me” – Mindy Kaling’s latest memoir/collection of essays is just as good as her first.  She just gets me.  Reading this is like having a gab-fest with your best girlfriend.

For the person who likes an eerily quiet snow day: 

“In a Dark Dark Wood” – Nora wakes up in a hospital and immediately senses something is wrong.  Her head has been bashed in and she is caked in blood, but she can’t remember how any of it happened.  The last thing she remembers is being at a bachelorette weekend…one she never should have been at in the first place since she hasn’t spoken to the bride in a decade.  As the cops ask her questions and she struggles to recall the sequence of events that led her to the hospital, she starts to wonder if maybe she did something terrible.  The word ‘murder’ is whispered throughout the hospital hallways, and Ruth Ware’s debut novel will have you reading non-stop to figure out who and why.

For the person travelling over the holidays:

“Heads in Beds” – By now you’ve probably read all about what goes on behind the scenes in your favorite restaurant kitchens, but this memoir by Jacob Tomsky spills the beans about the luxury hotel biz.  You’ll definitely remember to tip your bellman after reading this one.

For the person who wishes she was hanging with her bestie instead of the fam during the holidays:

“Since You’ve Been Gone” – This book is for teens and reads like it, but when it comes to missing my bestie, I feel the same way at age 30 as I did at 17.  Morgan Matson captures the longing that exists when you’re separated from the person who makes you feel more like you.  Emily had expected a summer of giggling with her attached-at-the-hip best friend, but when Sloane disappears, she is forced to spend the summer alone.  When she discovers a list from Sloane, she decides the only way to bring her friend back is by completing every item, from stealing something to hugging someone named Jamie.  In the process, she comes into to her own.