PSA: Long Island City Breweries

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

If you like beer, you likely enjoy hitting up a brewery.  You can have the freshest tapped brews, get growlers to go, and sample tons of different varieties, usually served by a bearded hipster.  That does sound great, doesn’t it?  So why hit up one brewery when you can do two?  In LIC, just a few blocks apart, you can go to both Rockaway Brewing Co. and Transmitter Brewing.

We started at Rockaway Brewing because it’s pretty much attached to Seth and Danielle’s building.  Long Island City as a whole is very industrial, and this brewery is no different.  The floors are concrete and you can pretty much see the studs in the wall.  With a raw space like that, it’s easy to bring in food truck type vendors, which they do regularly.  For brewskies, you can order a pint or get one of the two flight options.  Albert enjoyed his so much that he got a growler to take home.  He then asked me to stuff the heavy, dripping growler in my designer bag because he didn’t feel like carrying it.  I said no.  Ugh, boys.

rockaway brewing1rockaway brewing3

rockaway brewing4

From Rockaway Brewing, we walked to Transmitter.  This one seems a tid bit sketchier.  It’s just a few blocks, but you have to cross some train tracks, where I am sure there are some sketchos lurking once the sun goes down.  While Rockaway Brewing was industrial, this one is straight up bare bones.  It feels like it’s in someone’s garage, attached to the kind of hut you’d find in the woods for hunting.  But I don’t need frills when the beer is good…and this place is good.  Once again, Albert took some home.  This time he knew better than to ask me to carry it.

transmitter brewing1transmitter brewing2

A trip to LIC is two for the price of one when you’re talking craft brews.  Hit up both shops and stop at one of the many great restaurants in between to soak up some booze.  That sounds like a brewtiful day.  Ok, that was awful.  I’m done here.