I had no idea L’Amico is a Laurent Tourendel restaurant.  I picked it simply because it was close to both the PATH and R trains.  Now that I know, however, it makes sense why our meal was so good.  The menu is continental, but has some Italian inflection, most notable within the stellar pasta section.

Because I went with Steph and Brutus, we were good with sharing – it’s what girls do, right?  We started with two salads, the first being a special with avocado and lobster.  I was shocked by the portion of lobster on the plate.  The second was brussels sprouts with pancetta and hazelnuts.  It was nice to get two salads (you know, so we could pretend to be healthy) but have the salads taste so different.  It’s nice when somebody knows how to work their greens.

Next we ordered two types of pastas between the three of us.  I ordered the campanelle with braised short ribs and a horseradish ricotta.  It was sweet from the long-simmering onions and perfect for a winter evening.  If you’re concerned about horseradish, don’t be.  You couldn’t really taste it.  You did, however, benefit from the slight creaminess the ricotta lent the dish.  We actually got two orders of the gnudi, which were served with sage brown butter and a slice of fresh shaved truffle atop each one.  So glad we got two of these because it was so good.  Steph called them little clouds of love.

We pretty much decided to replace booze with sweets so we rounded out the meal with two desserts, the passion fruit meringue and the banana with honey crumb.  The passion fruit was the dark horse here.  L’Amico does a good job of utilizing rich heavy sauces without applying them heavy-handedly.  Still, it’s nice to have similarly light desserts.  You don’t want to walk out feeling weighted down.  Also nice: having a good restaurant on 6th Ave. in the flower district.