Buffalo Chicken Dip

Most people make buffalo chicken dip with canned chicken and a cheddar cheese topping.  No way; not for this chick.  Though the flavor is good (what cream cheese/Frank’s Red Hot based food isn’t?), the texture is uniform.  That’s no fun.  I used this recipe and found it gave me the perfect texture and a good balance of creamy and spicy.

This takes just a few minutes to prep (only 4 ingredients – couldn’t be easier) and then it cooks away for 25 minutes til it’s nice and bubbly.  I served it with celery sticks and tostitos scoops.  Using rotisserie chicken makes a huge difference.  It tastes like something real vs. something you simply re-heat.  I also much prefer topping the dip with crumbled blue cheese instead of cheddar.  It gives the dip a little depth, know what I mean?

And can we say crowd-pleaser?

buffalo chicken dip