Spaghetti with Squid and Zucchini

When I saw Fresh Direct had squid on sale, I decided to buy a pound and a half and figure out what to do with it later.  When “later” arrived and I still didn’t have a plan, I threw together a dish with whatever I had in my pantry, in this case, a take on arrabiata.

Start by boiling up some whole wheat spaghetti.  Is whole wheat pasta really healthier?  I got no clue.  But it sounds like it would be and it doesn’t taste bad or too different so why not use it.  While the pasta is cooking make your sauce – all in one pan.  First toss in squid (cut the bodies into rings, leave the octopus-looking bits whole) and chopped zucchini.  Cook in olive oil until it looks done, which is when the squid rings turn white and are no longer translucent.  Don’t let it too long or the squid will get rubbery and nobody likes that.  I found that the squid and zucchini emit a lot of liquid, some of it I poured out.  Don’t pour it all out – there’s a lot of flavor in there!  If you want a thicker sauce, this would be a good time to add a little cream or corn starch; however, it’s not necessary.  I didn’t add any sort of thickener and licked my plate clean.  Twice.  Reduce the heat and add a can of diced tomatoes.  Also add some seasoning here, like garlic (I ran out and used garlic powder – worked fine) and crushed red pepper flakes.  Just as it’s almost all warmed through, add some fresh basil.  Toss it all together with the pasta and top with some grated cheese.

Happy pasta people will rejoice.

squid spaghetti2squid spaghetti1