3 on Thursday

I love having a short work week (thanks to MLK weekend), but I think it has contributed to this week being extra crazy at work.  At least the weekend is in sight!

 3 on thurs1

Last weekend we NYC experienced its first snow.  It wasn’t much, but it was beautiful.  I loved walking out of the bar (on our way to Shawn and Kathleen’s apartment for an epic pizza/dance party) and seeing all the cars and bushes covered with the glittery white stuff.  This weekend it’s supposed to snow, only more like a pounding than the dusting we received last weekend.  DC and Baltimore is supposed to be more seriously affected, but we’ll still prepare.  By prepare I mean buying up lots of wine and the ingredients for comfort food dishes and by planning what shows I intend to binge while holed up in the apartment.

3 on thurs2

A crêpe is really a wonderful snack, isn’t it?

3 on thurs3

Yesterday, everyone at my office received an amazing laugh break.  Basically, an email accidentally went out to a listserv of nearly the entire company.  It set off a storm of people hitting reply all to request to be taken off the chain…which led to everybody replying all to say stop hitting reply all…which led to people adding GIFs and funny messages.  We’re talking hundreds of emails.  News of our “replyallpocalypse” has now gone viral.