3 on Thursday

Wedding planning has been progressing at rabid speed.  There are plenty of things I thought I could wait to do, but apparently that’s not an option.  Savannah has become a major destination wedding spot, with April being one of the most popular months.  I don’t get any sort of preferential treatment being a local/native, so it looks like I have to start booking things ASAP since they’re already getting snagged up (more than a year in advance!).  I was hoping the process would be a little more chill, and it’s stressing me out a bit to have to make all these decisions so quickly.  I’ve been taking comfort in the simple things (showcased here in this week’s “3 on Thursday”).  I’m also telling myself that I’ll get to relax soon enough – instead of chill and enjoy being engaged before planning, I’ll do it in reverse: mad dash to plan followed by a lot of basking in the glory of being engaged.

3 on thurs1

With her hubby here on business, EB decided to book a last minute flight to NYC and I was so excited to hang out with her.  Storm Jonas (2nd biggest snowstorm in NYC history!) tried to ruin our plans, but we wouldn’t let him!  We met for brunch, which lasted for 5.5 hours while the storm raged outside.  We actually ate two meals during our time there.  Then we walked allllllll the way back home from the Upper West since there was a travel ban.  I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen to walk two miles in the snow, but it was really cool to walk in the middle of the streets and see NYC covered in beautiful white snow.

3 on thurs2

I found the most perfect stool for my little desk!  I have managed to carve out the cutest little area in the corner of the apartment – it’s kind of amazing what you can do in a small space.  Somehow, this tiny spot manages to feel like it’s own nook that doesn’t feel cramped at all.  It will be the perfect spot for me to work on this blog, do some writing, and handle all the boring stuff like thank you notes and bills.  I’m also feeling very stylish because in the week AFTER I purchased this stool, Domino wrote about it.  I found it first!  More pics to come, especially once I finish adding shelves and getting the area properly decorated.

3 on thurs3

One of those moments of calm for me has been treating myself to coffee on the way to work once or twice a week.  Is it stupid to spend money on coffee?  Maybe.  But it’s making me happy so I’m going to keep doing it for now.