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Cafe Prague

As a Slovak, Cafe Prague has intrigued Albert.  Every time we pass it, he wonders aloud if they have good Czech food.  Finally, when we were running errands in Flatiron yesterday, we decided to try it and decide for ourselves.

At first, Cafe Prague seems like a local version of a Europa type restaurant.  Basic sandwiches/wraps in the deli case and a section of meh ingredients used to make a salad to order.  But then you realize this 14-seat restaurant also has a real menu, one with all homemade Czech delicacies.  Albert ordered the pork schnitzel with potato salad, while I got the beef goulash with Czech dumplings.  Both dishes were authentic and delicious.  The schnitzel had a thin but crispy and salty breading that Albert went to town on.  I thought the sauce of the goulash was perfect, with a slight kick.  The dumplings were a sort of sponge bread that was great for picking up that goulash gravy.  This is certainly the type of food that will put you in a food coma, but I’m pretty sure that just means it’s authentic.

cafe prague2cafe prague3

 cafe prague1

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