BBQ Fried Turkey Cutlets

BBQ and fried chicken are two Southern staples.  But what if we combined them?  Doubly Southern and doubly awesome.  This could easily be made with chicken, but turkey cutlets were in the house so that’s what I made.

Fill a large ziploc bag with panko bread crumbs and a bowl with your favorite bbq sauce.  (I used Johnny Harris because it’s the BEST.)  Dip your cutlets in the sauce and then toss them into the ziploc bag so you can roll them around and get them coated in bread crumbs.  I would actually let the cutlets sit in that bag for a little while to marinate so they’ll be nice and tender after they’ve cooked.  Then fry them in a pan or bake them if you’re inclined to be healthy.  I fried mine in a cast iron skillet (about 3 min/side, depending on thickness) because I was NOT so inclined.  Try to go for thinner cutlets – thicker ones take longer to cook and the breading starts to fall off.

They turned out yummy and with only 3 ingredients, it was a very easy weeknight meal.  Albert liked it enough that he ate not only his portion but also the cutlet I was saving to bring to lunch.  Don’t worry, I forgave him.