3 on Thursday

I may have had my fair share of wine last weekend, but it was all done in a low-key fashion (going no further than the place in my office building on Friday night and sitting on the couch, glass in hand, during the Super Bowl).  I didn’t even leave my apartment on Saturday!  It looks like this weekend will be the opposite, with more of a focus on actual activities.  I’m looking forward to trying some new things – I’ll let you know how it goes!

3 on thurs1

I picked up this jar of habanero honey bbq sauce when I was last home.  It was being sold at Savannah Bee Company (best honey ever), and when I found out it was created in partnership with my favorite BBQ sauce, Johnny Harris, I had to have a bottle.  The mustard-based sauce is just the teeniest bit sweet and has a nice kick.  It’s now making weekly appearances on my supper table alongside basic baked chicken.

3 on thurs2

One good thing about working all the way downtown is that I’m near some of the city’s oldest and most beautifully designed buildings.  I walked past this stunner on my way to the subway last week and almost didn’t post because I didn’t get a good shot.  But even a bad picture of this building is still pretty good.

3 on thurs3.JPG

I love performers in the subway.  These guys really got into the music and it made my crowded commute way more bearable.