Lions Beer Store

My beau is a beer fanatic so we try to check out as many beer-centric places as possible.  We have favorites: There’s Good Beer, which is more like a store; and then there’s Astoria Beer and Cheese and ABC Beer Co., which are stores with a bar area.  And now there’s Lions Beer Store.  Like the others, Lions Beer Store is both retail store and bar, but it falls more on the bar side of the spectrum.

Though there are large windows, the place still feels dark.  I don’t mean that in a dungeon-y sort of way; I mean that it elevates the drinking experience typically reserved for cocktails than beer.  And these guys know their beer.  The menu is massive, but they still seem to know everything on there.  It was too large for me so I did one of the $20 flights.  I let the bartender know what type of beer I don’t like and which ones I was considering.  He chose four that were perfect for me.  So perfect, that I ordered two more of one of his recommendations after my flight was over.

I’ve noticed that most of these beer store/bars tend to be further east, so it was nice to find this one on 2nd Avenue.  Since it’s closer to our apartment (and the subway), we’ll likely be back here more often than some of those other bar/stores we like.  I definitely want to go back to try some of the food.  The menu was varied with Greek influences due to the owner’s nationality.  It smelled great, but we already had dinner plans.  I have no doubt Albert will be dragging me back very soon.  I’ve got to go back and get one of those personalized steins!

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