Book Review: The Secret Place

I had never heard of Tana French, but the author endorsements on the book itself were from some of my favorite crime/suspense authors so I gave it a shot.  Aaaand now I want to read all her other novels.

The action in “The Secret Place” takes place at an Irish boarding school, where detectives have been re-summoned to investigate a murder.  A year ago, a student from a brother school had his head bashed in when he snuck onto the St. Kilda’s grounds at night.  But teenage girls can be tight-lipped so the investigation went nowhere.  But now someone has anonymously placed a postcard on the school’s bulletin board, claiming to know the murderers identity.

Detective Moran has a way of getting the students to open up to him, and as he questions the girls all evidence points to two cliques.  Both groups of girls will go to vicious lengths to protect their friends.  They are so wrapped up in their own drama that they can’t even see how serious the situation is.

4 out of 5 stars.

the secret place