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Seasonal Tastes: February – Turkey Meatball Pitas with Spinach and Dill Sauce

Spinach is packed with all sorts of good-for-you things.  In fact, of all the things in season during the winter, it probably has the most health benefits.  Most of the really healthy stuff simply can’t survive the frigid months.  I can barely survive the frigid months.

The problem is I barely ever eat it fresh.  I prefer it cooked down (not a bad thing) and creamed (a bad thing).  I usually only see it fresh when it’s being used as a base for salads, but it’s just not my preference when it comes to salads.  Sorry.  I decided the best way to incorporate fresh spinach into a meal would be to use it as a garnish, a heavy-handed garnish.  That’s how it found its way into my wrap.

Start with some lavash bread (flatbread also works).  I like lavash because it’s not as dry as pita but not as thick as flatbread.  You want to be able to really get to the filling without too much dough getting in the way.  Place it over a large square of aluminum foil and fill with lemon dill yogurt sauce (Greek yogurt mixed with fresh lemon zest, dill, garlic powder, salt, and pepper), lots of fresh spinach, five Trader Joe’s frozen turkey meatballs (cooked and sliced in half to ensure you get some meatball in every bite), and chopped tomato.  Roll up the flatbread in the aluminum foil so everything is nice and snug.  And because eating it like this is just more fun.

This is basically a very healthy take on street meat.  Instead of lamb or chicken from a spit (delicious but fatty), it uses a lean turkey meatball.  Then you’ve got my healthy version of white sauce, packed with vibrant lemon juice and dill.  The spinach feels like an add-on, but it adds both healthiness and a little crunch.

tukey meatball pita3

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