3 on Thursday

Last weekend was filled with fun events but was a little draining for me, due to all the small talk required.  There’s not much on the calendar for this weekend, except for a fun dinner with friends so I’m looking forward to it.

 3 on thurs1

I spotted this Dapper Dan through the bus window.  I just loved that he was all dressed up, enjoying the beautiful weather and a light brunch to himself.  On another note, my Saturday morning was lovely.  Since we didn’t do much on Friday night, I was up early and well rested.  NYC had a random warm day (almost 60 degrees!) and I took advantage.  I got out of the house early to run a few errands and even went to the gym for a great class that left me quite sore.  I felt so lively and productive – it makes me want to have more low key Friday nights, just so I can have Saturday mornings like this.

3 on thurs2

Sometimes you just gotta relax on the couch with a juicy magazine.

3 on thurs3

Taco Bell was always my favorite of the fast food chains.  It has been a long time since I’ve gotten my hands on food from The Bell, but we convinced Smerg to stop at the drive thru on the way home from a party.  The four of us ordered nearly $46 of food, which – if you know Taco Bell pricing – is an order of epic proportions.  Anyone who hung out with me in college knows this used to be par for the course for me, and it was great to feel 21 again.