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Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings

Mimi Cheng’s had been instagrammed often, which means I’m bombarded with delicious looking dumplings every time I scroll through my feed.  And I am a sucker for delicious looking dumplings.  Who isn’t?

What Mimi Cheng’s manages to do really well is serve both the old and new schools.  When the Cheng sisters opened the small white and yellow restaurant, their intention was to serve their mom’s perfect dumplings – because nobody does it like Mom.  But in addition to their chicken, pork, and veggie varieties, they have fun with a seasonal dumpling.  I’ve seen a scrambled egg brunch dumpling served with a mini Sir Kensington’s, a turkey and gravy dumpling served with cranberry sauce, and a nutella/banana dessert dumpling all grace the menu.

The special on the board when I visited this weekend was chicken pot pie.  It was perfect with a mushroom gravy filling that meant no dipping sauce was needed.  BUT if you order any of the non-special dumplings (which still taste pretty special), you’ll want to dunk them in their secret sauce.  The dumplings were great before, but this sauce made me start singing the hallelujah chorus.

mimi chengs5


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