3 on Thursday

This past Sunday was gorgeous!  I spent the whole day just walking around the East Village, taking advantage of the sun.  It was a nice reminder that winter won’t last forever.

3 on thurs1

I loved the labels on the liquor bottles at Tacombi Flatiron (aka Café el Presidente).  I also always love their tacos.  It was a great place to bring some friends from CT on Saturday – we had a lovely meal.

3 on thurs2

One of my coworkers brought in a chocolate babka from some place in Long Island.  It’s not as croissant-like and perfect as the one at Sadelles (that one is in a league all its own), but it the first traditional babka I’ve had and actually liked – it made a convert out of me.

3 on thurs3

The ground floor of my office building houses an amazing French marketplace called Le District.  it’s basically the French version of Eataly with different sections (cheese, meat, fish, kitchenware, etc.) and a restaurant, called Beaubourg.  Last week we discovered that Beaubourg does a killer happy hour from 4-6 on weekdays: $5 wine, $4 beer, and $1 oysters.  A happy hour that ends at 6 is usually tough to make after work, but it’s totally doable when you only have to go down the elevator.  I thought the wine and oysters were both of good quality – we’ll definitely be hitting up this happy hour frequently.