3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

This week it finally began to warm up!  Combine that with the fact that it’s staying light outside longer, and I am a happy person.  It means I’m able to get myself to the gym (something that is impossible for me when it’s dark and freezing), and I’m enjoying the feeling of being healthy and having an activity after work now that my job doesn’t keep me so busy.  Tomorrow, Albert and I are headed to DC to visit Liz, and Bridge will be joining from Little Rock.  I can’t wait for our reunion to begin!

3 on thurs1

How ridiculously adorable is this rice crispy cake my co-worker made for a baby shower?!  It matches the mother-to-be’s nursery and tasted just as good as it looked.  I might hire her for all future special occasions.

3 on thurs2

On Tuesday, Fortune hosted a panel in celebration of their 100 Best Companies To Work For list.  It was actually the inaugural event in the new, fancy Time Inc. space, and it went very well!  It was cool to be a part of the brand that held the very first event in the building.

3 on thurs3

Last weekend Albert bought last minute tickets to see his alma mater, St. Johns, play basketball at Madison Square Garden.  Because St. Johns is a local, Queens-based university, their home court just happens to be MSG – one of the most famous in the country!  They lost terribly, but it was a fun and different thing to do on a Saturday afternoon.  It was also great because we got floor seats for about $35 each!

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