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Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop

Two great things occurred in New York in 1929: my La La was born and Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop opened.  Eisenberg’s is an old school lunch counter, much like the ones my La La always talks about visiting after school.  Set yourself on one of the stools and order endless cups of coffee or a simple but amazing sandwich.  The best example of such a sandwich is the tuna melt.  the tuna is smooth without being too mayonnaise-y and the cheese is a delightfully lowbrow American.  When you go to a luncheonette, you don’t want something funky and different.  You want the same meal that worked in 1929 and American cheese worked then, and every year since.

Albert ordered the chicken salad sandwich with bacon.  It was great and easily large enough to feed two people.  We also split a plate of thick, piping hot fries.  Unfortunately, I was a little to full to finish off the meal with an egg cream, but I just know it would have been the perfect end.  Everyone already says I look just like my La La; now I can have the same New York lunch experience, too.


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