Sushi Choshi

When it comes to neighborhood sushi spots, you tend to stick to places that are in, you know, your own neighborhood.  Sushi Choshi is just a little too far south for it to be my regular spot, so I’ve always just passed by on my strolls around the beautiful Gramercy Park thinking “oh, that looks cute.”

But then two co-workers who live literally around the corner from Choshi started talking about it constantly.  “It’s so fresh!” they said.  “It’s really reasonably priced,” they commented.  On Thursday, it happened to be the midpoint between me and Albert and it also happened to be a truly gorgeous Spring evening that we wanted to enjoy, so we decided to try it.

It was, indeed, very fresh, even the salmon.  I’m not a huge salmon sushi fan (I blame it on my distaste for lox) so I base all my sushi evaluations on the freshness of that particular fishy.  I also thought they showed the appropriate amount of restraint.  The menu as a whole (and the pieces of sushi themselves) are a bit smaller.  Not a ton of crazy rolls on this menu – only the essentials – and though they offer spicy rolls, nothing is overly sauced.

I noticed most menu items were about $2 less than most places.  My sushi dinner, for example, was $19 and came with 8 pieces of sushi, one tuna roll, and soup or salad.  Note: the ginger dressing on the salad was great.  (That’s the other thing I judge when it comes to sushi restaurants.)  To my dinner, I added a spicy yellowtail roll and two pieces of the nigiri.  I also liked that the waiter offered suggestions for the nigiri based on what was fresh – not something you often see at a random neighborhood sushi spot.  .

I highly recommend getting a spot outside so you can enjoy the sush while looking out at the lovely Irving Place.

sushi choshi2