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Book Review: It Was Me All Along

It is difficult to read Andie Mitchell’s account of how her weight creeped close to 300 pounds by age 20.  She describes eating bowl after bowl of cereal after school and cupcake after cupcake before the birthday party even starts.  You want to just scream “STOP! You’re doing this to yourself!”  But addiction does not see reason, and what Andie had was an addiction to food.

Andie always had a healthy life.  She may have always been “the fat girl,” but she had a great relationship with her Mom, amazing friends, and a doting boyfriend.  The one thing that was never healthy was her relationship with food.  When the scale finally tipped towards not just obese but morbidly so, she knew it was time to make a change.  Through diet and exercise, she managed to lose 135 pounds while finding a level of happiness she never knew existed.

4 out of 5 stars.

it was me all along

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