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Pesto Chickpea Salad

And now I present to you one of the easiest salads ever.

Drain and rinse a can of chickpeas.  Gently toss with store-bought pesto, crumbled feta, julienned radishes, and quinoa.  I bought the pesto with quinoa from Trader Joe’s, which means I took the extra easy way out; however, you can very easily cook up some quinoa on your own and mix it in.  The point is, you want the quinoa in there for the texture.  It’s alllll about mixing textures.

Since the chickpeas are the star here, this is packed with protein.  The radishes give it a crunch, and the feta provides the saltiness.  For the first time, I used light feta and it worked out great so I’m also feeling pretty good about how healthy this dish was.  If you want to make this a full meal, just spread some hummus or yogurt on a tortilla or laffa and turn this salad into a wrap.

FYI: Cucumbers are the obvious choice for crunch in this salad; however, if you intend to save this for leftovers and bring for lunch the next day, radishes will hold up much better.

pesto chickpea salad2

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