3 on Thursday

My weekend at home was suuuuper quick (arrived at midnight on Thursday night, left at 7 AM on Sunday morning) but it was still wonderful to be home and be surrounded by family for my nephew’s bris.  I didn’t mind leaving, because I’ll be going back a week from tomorrow!  Now I can just focus on this weekend, which includes the always fun Yacht Rock tomorrow night.

3 on thurs1

Brooks is actually the screensaver on my phone and when he saw himself on the screen he started giggling and kissing his own face.  Just one of the reasons why he’s so cute!  Also adorable, when I told him that was Aunt Tessy’s phone, he kinda said my name.  I die.  I got to spend all day Saturday with my cutest ever godson and it was pretty much the best.

3 on thurs2

Because I planned a last minute trip home for Reed’s bris, I missed my first Easter with Albert’s family.  It was so nice to walk in the door to the apartment and see some lovely tulips, left for me by the Easter Bunny.

3 on thurs3

In a world where grandbabies take top priority, I was so excited to see that Albert and I made the fridge!