Book Review: The Expatriates

American expats living in Hong Kong are in their own little bubble.  These expat women live fabulous lives where drivers, live-in help, and weekend jaunts to Thailand are the norm.  But their community is quite insular and, often, every face they see is white and the gossip mill churns constantly.  Most of these women have moved in support of their husbands who have been transferred there for work and must now discover their own roles in this new country.

As we are introduced to Mercy, Margaret, and Hilary, we see how women at different stages in life are defining their positions as wife and mother.  Mercy has been told she is cursed and will never have a husband or child.  Margaret is dealing with the devastating loss of one of her own and learning how to cope without leaving the rest of her family alone.  Hilary is drifting apart from her husband and wondering if adopting a child will make her feel whole.

Janice Lee’s novel explores the relationship with women and how we all work to establish our new normal amid massive change.

3.5 out of 5 stars.