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Hai Street Kitchen

Sushirittos (a burrito made of sushi with seaweed instead of a tortilla) are an official craze.  It started in San Fran and pretty much hit every big city outside of NYC…until now.  There are finally a few places to get these sushi burritos, one of which is conveniently (for me) located in UrbanSpace Vanderbilt.

Hai Street Kitchen began as a food truck in Philly and has made its way to its very own brick and mortar store, here in New York.  One sushi burrito will cost you the same as a sushi roll (~$13) but is way more filling.  I ordered the spicy tuna and it was packed with veggies and an avocado spread.  I wish the tuna was a little spicier, but overall I am on board with the concept and execution.

hai st3

Love the to-go packaging

hai st2hai st4

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