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Hard Times Sundaes

Like many vendors inside UrbanSpace Vanderbilt, Hard Times Sundaes started as a food truck.  Contrary to what their name implies, Hard Times Sundaes is all about burgers, not ice cream.  The burgers and hot dogs are what you would expect from a food truck – no frills, topped with chili, wrapped in bacon, fried.  All the best from a carnival.

Their hamburgers are of the greasy, flat top variety and can be ordered as a single, double, or triple.  The patties are small, so I recommend the double.  Then here’s the best part: all the toppings are FREE.  A cheeseburger is only $.50 more than a regular burger, which, as far as cheeseburgers go, is a nonexistent margin so I’m calling that a basically free topping.  The only other toppings they charge for are bacon and chili but everything else is fair game.  I went hog wild with caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, and pickles.  I was impressed with the burger but thought it could have been slightly improved with some special sauce.  I’m not opposed to making my own by mixing ketchup and mayo together.

hard times2

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